• I.Green Coffee Extract:
    Green Coffee Extract help with weight loss without dietary changes or exercise programs, improving one’s diet and increasing physical activity are important too. Improved eating and increased physical activity will not just help with weight loss, but with overall improved general health and well being, too.span>
  • ii. Green Tea Extract:
    Green Tea Extract is believed to help the body burn calories more quickly than normal. This is believed to fuel weight loss and help the body break down fat more easily. Consumption of green tea extract enhances the process of thermogenesis and increases the rate of metabolism of fat, without increasing the heart rate.
  • iii. Panax Ginseng Root and Rhizome Extract::
    In China, ginseng is classified as a kingly herb, a mild herb with no harmful side-effects, that helps the body maintain peak health. It is believed that ginseng makes the body more resistant to disease, prevents decline in potency in older men, restores virility, increase general vitality and can negate some effects of stress.
  • IV. Aloe vera has a long-held reputation of being good for skin, especially for the treatment of burns. This plant is incredibly medicinal, This is an incredibly potent herb and should be used with a level of respect for its potency. Long-term use can lead to loss of electrolytes, especially potassium.